Older Than Ireland

Atom Films


- 'the tone is complemented wonderfully by the music composed by Denis Clohessy.'

Film Ireland on 'Older Than Ireland'

His & Hers

Sundance Film Festival Award Winning Documentary Film


"Production values, from cinematography to sound to Denis Clohessy's music, are tops" 

Variety on 'His & Hers'



"The images are beautifully underlined by an unobtrusive, melodic score from composer Denis Clohessy".


Maguiresmovies on ‘His & Hers’

The Irish Pub

Atom Films


"The subtly complex soundtrack, by Denis Clohessy, captures an almost melancholy mood; overall, the pacing is as measured as an old-school barman pulling a pint." 

The Irish Times on 'The Irish Pub'




Fishamble: The New Play Company


"An impressive score by Denis Clohessy" 

Filmbase on 'Silent'


"Denis Clohessy, who composed the evocative music and fashioned the intricate sound design, contributes enormously to the overall effect."


Backstage off Broadway on ‘Silent’

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

By Bertolt Brecht

Abbey Theatre


"Thrillingly effective music" 

The Irish Times on 'Arturo Ui'



Junk Ensemble


"'Just as inventive, the piano and clarinet of Denis Clohessy’s sublime music whimpers until it warbles with unease.' " 

Exeunt Magazine on 'Dolores'



Pat Kinevane Fishamble Company


"'The musical interludes, composed by Denis Clohessy and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, are beautifully composed"

No More Workhorse on 'Before'



Man Of Valour

Corn Exchange Theatre


"Denis Clohessy supplies a wonderfully cinematic score to accompany Farrell’s life. However, while filmic music typically functions to signal and solicit specific emotions from the audience, this music belongs to Farrell, providing a rich dramatic backdrop to fire his hero complex."

Irish Theatre Magazine on 'Man of Valour'

My Cousin Rachel

By Daphne du Maurier 

Adapted by Joseph O'Connor

Gate Theatre


"Denis Clohessy's compositions blend menace with mandolin to evoke danger from a place as hot and seductive as the widow." 

Irish Theatre Magazine on 'My Cousin Rachel'


The Government Inspector 

By Nikolai Gogol in a new version by Roddy Doyle 

Abbey Theatre


"Denis Clohessy’s dramatic score underlines the moments of melodrama with a flourish" on 'The Government Inspector'


"Denis Clohessy provides a breezy musical accompaniment that keeps the mood up."


Irish Theatre Magazine on ‘The Government Inspector’

A Midsummer Night's Dream

By William Shakespeare in a new version by Lynne Parker 

Rough Magic


"Denis Clohessy’s extraordinary music"

Exeunt Magazine on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'